Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This was my first attempt at coloring with my new Copic Markers! I can already tell that these will become the answer to my prayers! For anyone who knows me, you already know that I just can't color. However, I am determined to learn how to use my Copics to their fullest potential. I WILL learn how to shade and blend. If you have any tips or advice for me...I'm all ears! I can use all the help I can get when it comes to coloring. Sorry about the poor photo quality!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that this was also my first Diorama Card too. Here's a different view so you can kind of see each of the three layers to this "box" type card. It was really fun to make! Can't wait to make more with different themes and images.


Carmen O. said...

Too cute! I just added my HM Challenge card to my blog.

Shary said...

oh wow how cool is that!! Looks like you've got the colouring just perfect. I love this card, really beautiful.

Debbie said...

Love this card. Love the colour love the image. I must find out how to do this type of card. I have promised myself some Copic markers too, maybe for Christmas.

Love Debbie xx

Dani_Girl said...

Wow! I absolutely LOVE your site! I also love this card! I really wish I knew how to blend color like this!

I'm out of the loop.....again! What are Copic Markers?! LOL

Your ideas and scrap'n room really inspire me and makes me want to get creative!

Wonderful, wonderful site Cill!

Dani_Girl said...
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