Thursday, July 22, 2010

Luau Party Invitations

Back on June 5/6th, 2010 tornadoes devastated our area, right down the road from where I grew up! Although it was several miles from where I now live I feel horrible knowing that people I grew up with, teachers I had, friends, and family were affected tremendously. Some lost their lives, some lost everything they owned, some lost family members, some lost all of the above and some were fortunate enough to escape by just having to replace roofs, windows, doors, contents, etc...IF YOU CALL THAT FORTUNATE!

Anyway, I held a huge fundraiser to raise money to help put a SMILE back in the hearts of some families that were affected by these horrible storms! My friend and I held a huge Garage and Bake Sale and raised about $6000.00. It was AMAZING!

Once the hard work was all over it was then time for me to start contacting the people who lost so much! What a joy and a true blessing this has all been for me!

Throughout many of my conversations I learned so much...and decided that replacing roofs, doors, windows, etc would be great but in most cases the insurance companies were taking care of things like that. I sat with this money that was raised for the families...what would I do with it all? Well, I'll tell you! As I mentioned, I learned so much during all my conversations...I learned that one family was so busy that they actually schedule in a "Family Date Night" once a week just to go out to dinner and make sure that they are all staying in touch and up to date with what's going on. Unfortunately, they had not been able to do this since the storms because they really haven't been financially able to. I also learned that one families two children lost all their toys, another family was struggling to buy groceries. Oh, and one family was planning a Birthday Party for their daughters who were finally allowed to invite THEIR friends and not just family members. They were planning to have a luau at the pond in their back yard. So, after hearing all this information, anyone who knows me knows that my mind was working overtime to figure out what I should do!

Well...I'll tell you...

Bought tons of gift cards to various restaurants to send one family to dinner at least once a month for an entire year!

Took another family's two children on a shopping spree where they were allowed to fill up their carts with TOYS, TOYS and more TOYS!

Bought grocery gift cards for another family that should last them about six months.


Planned a Surprise Luau Birthday Party for the birthday girls! It's at a private beach and the family also gets two nights accommodations at the resort! Food is catered from Famous Daves BBQ and the invitations were handmade by ME! Talk about a FUN job! This was awesome!

Here are a couple of photos to show you
exactly what the invitations looked like...

OH, AND YES THEY WERE MAILED JUST AS THEY ARE! NO ENVELOPE NEEDED! The post office loved them! Hope the recipients are surprised and get a chuckle out of them too when they open the mailbox and find them inside...

What do you think?

So, some of the money has been spent but still not completely done! I will continue on my mission fulfilling small dreams of these families that have been through so much by putting "THE FUN STUFF" back in to their lives!

Hugs for now!


Lynn said...

Love the fun thongs and the fab colours of summer :)
Lynn xx

Val said...

This is awesome.

Sandra said...

Truly amazing. You are an angel on earth. Love the Luau invites.
Sandra x

Nina Macaulay said...

Wow what great work you have done!
Thats alot of money to raise for other people, how kind are you !?!
Must have been a wonderful feeling taking those kids shopping, i'm sure they will remember it for the rest of they lifes, and those familys that can keep contact and go out for dinner together. you are an angel :O)
Thank you for my top 3 blinkie, I wear it on my blog with pride :O)

Hugs Nina xx

Nina Macaulay said...

I forgot to say that the invites are just fantastic!! I've never seen anything like them before :O)

Hugs Nina x

dj1952 said...

I'm sure all the families are so thrilled with all that you did for them. That was truly an awesome thing you accomplished. Thank you for my blinkie. Debra

Annette Bowes said...

WOW! What fantastic ideas, I am certain you put many a happy smile on many faces and have given them something to look forward to, take careX:)

jojoscraps said...

Wow! You have a warm heart and those around you are blessed.

Just a note to let you know that I am looking forward to trying out for your design team. With a new grandbaby's arrival, I'm a little behind. Just trying to figure out what my "not a card" will be as well. Thanks for your comment on my card too. Don't we all like to read those!
Jo xx

Sharon said...

Hi Priscilla: Thanks ever so much for your very kind words you left on my blog re the guest DT position on Stamptacular Sunday challenge. I have enjoyed my time there and the challenges, and it gave me a little more confidence in my work.
Stamping Hugs,
Sharon G.

Heleen said...

Hi Priscilla,

First of all, thank you for the nice mail you left me.

I've read your post with tears in my eyes. Your heart is so big. How awsome what you did for all this people.
Last year I was with my family in Pakistan. My husband comes from there and his family is still living there. But the whole holiday, we had rainfall. We've seen so much rain, you can't imaging. Well ofcourse everyone knows the images from tv last year. That time I only cried that I wanted to go home... I could not think of the people that I left at that moment.... When we returned, ofcourse we helped the family to rebuild there house. But now at this time... I feel so guilty that I ditn't do more for the people overthere....
So I respect this what you do for the people from your old neighborhood.

Love, Heleen

Vicki Fraser said...

Priscilla you are one amazing lady! Not many people would go to so much trouble for others. We also had bad storms the last two years - major flooding has occurred over much of our state (queensland - which is quite large) lots of donations were made by australians, unfortunately our government couldn't co-ordinate the spending of those donations and most people have not been helped yet! we're not even sure where the money is! Maybe you could come give our government some lessons!) Keep up the good work, the world needs people like you :)

Unknown said...

so pretty...