Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank you...for your friendship!

I know you always hear me talking about a group that I'm in, Scrappin' In Toledo, December we had our annual Christmas Crop. Boy was it a blast! We always have tons of activities, prizes, and an abundance of yummy food! Not to mention that most of us are able to get together all in one place to hang out, chit chat and have a great time! Anyways, this year one of our activities was a Shoebox SWAP. Everyone attending the crop created a card, provided all the materials and put them in a shoebox for each person at the crop to duplicate one of their creations. Then, at the crop all of the shoeboxes were put in one area and during the crop we all had the opportunity to sit down and make each one of the cards. When we were all finished we had about 14-16 cards that were all made and ready to be sent to someone special throughout the year! What a GREAT idea...well, in theory anyways. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and not everyone had the time to complete all the was still FUN!

Here's a look at the card I made and prepared the supplies for.


Shary said...

Beautiful card and a gorgeous shade of blue. Lovely!!
Thanks for your email Priscilla. Hmm unfortunately I'm on steroids too, doesn't help does it?

Traci said...

Cute card! I really like the colors you used! Sounds like your meeting was fun.

Alexandria said...

Very pretty card! It was nice talking to you the other night! We should try to do it more often.

Carolyn Bounds said...

How beautiful!!! I love the colors and the layout. How I wish I could have attended this crop. Too bad NC is so far away:o(


Ida P. Krause said...

Hi Priscilla, Found your blog through a comment you left on Sue's blog as part of the (Three Clovers Thursday Challenge) and just wanted to say you have a super nice blog. I love this card with the lovely Blue Flowers and the sparkling background, Very pretty. Have a great day.