Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stamptacular Sunday Challenge #15

Well, another week of 2009 has come and gone and with last weeks challenge at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge we should all have a good start on our Christmas cards for this year, right?

Anyways, this week's challenge at Stamptacular is a card sketch! I LOVE sketches but this one was particularly challenging for me because our sponsor, Papirloftet, generously supplied each of the Design Team members with a kit full of goodies. The kit was fabulous and contained many different things such brads, flowers, charms, ribbon, prints and even cardstock but I was completely out of my element. I had never used the darling prints that they included and everything seemed to have a vintage feel to me. If you know anything about KNOW I have no clue what to do with vintage! LOL

So...I would pick the package up almost every single day since I've received it wondering what in the world I could create with it...

Although, not my favorite card I've ever made I do like it. I really enjoyed using the flowers and think that placing them the way I did, instead of just using ribbon or cardstock for the band in the sketch, turned out to be a nice effect. You can't really tell but I handstamped all the cardstock myself for an added detail hoping that it would give it an even more "antique" look.

What do you think? I know, I know...stick to my own style! LOL

Thanks for looking!



Anonymous said...

It was a true challenge for me too ;)

But you made a beautiful card :D

Janneke X

Carmen O. said...

This is soo pretty and you really added to the effect by stamping the mat and the rough edged mat too. Beautiful work you should be so proud of yourself for going outside your comfort zone and doing so beautifully at it!

Powerful Search Engine said...

I adore the flower arrangement and you have captured vintage so well, hugs Pascale

Nikki Schmaltz said...

I think your card is very pretty. I really love your own hand stamped cardstock. That is beautiful!

Unknown said...

This is wonderful Priscilla. A fantastic idea to use the flowers how you have instead of a ribbon band and totally love your stamped background, perfect vintage effect.

Joanne x

Liza said...

Reading your post made me laugh Priscilla, as I was totally the same!!!! I just don't do vintage, what a struggle it was for me. Anyway, your card is gorgeous and I love your flower placement.

Liza x

Sprytebyrd said...

I love what you've done with the sketch and the kit, Priscilla! I was just like you... I struggled because nothing in the kit was "my style" and even when I showed the card to my Mom and husband, they didn't believe it was one of mine! They loved it, but it just wasn't a "Dee Card" :) I'm clueless when it comes to vintage, too.. but it was fun to step out of my box and "shock" my friends with what I actually CAN do! hehe!

melody said...

beautiful card! i love the touch of torn edgin and those scrumptious flowers ~ and oh..what a beautiful sentiment!


Kellie Fantastic said...

I think it looks really great! Very antique look, maybe try one with stripes sometime and see how that looks.